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Our Lessons are carefully broken down into Levels and units. Each level has 9 to 11 units with fully developed content for students, teachers and parents. Every level has a placement test to help you ascertain the level of the students. Every Unit has - (For Learners) a Video Tutorial, Interactive Games and (For Educators) PPT Lessons & Games, Worksheets, Flashcards - SEE SAMPLES .

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60 Units - Video Tutorials & Powerpoint

1600 Printable Worksheets

250 Interactive Games & Exercises

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Main Courses & Supplements

Level 1- Kiz School- Beginner1

  1. Alphabet & Basic Phonics- Learn letters of the alphabet and words.
  2. Greetings: Hello! Goodbye!
  3. Name: What's your name?
  4. This, That: What's this?
  5. Colors: What color is it?
  6. Numbers: How many apples ?
  7. Age: How old are you?
  8. Fruits: What fruit do you like?
  9. Body: I have two eyes.
  10. Toys: Where is my teddy bear?

Level 2- Kiz School- Beginner2

  1. Animals: What's your favorite animal? FREE SAMPLE
  2. These, Those: What are these? What are those?
  3. Family: She is my mother.
  4. Actions: I can jump.
  5. School Supplies: What 's in your school bag?
  6. Numbers 10 to 100: How many?
  7. Shapes, Colors, Sizes: What shape is this?
  8. Food: Something to eat.
  9. Weekdays: What do you usually do on Monday?
  10. Weather: What's the weather like?


Level 3- Kiz School- Elementary 1

  1. Actions: What's she doing?
  2. Jobs: What do you want to be?
  3. Clothes & Colors: I'm wearing a yellow T-shirt.
  4. Prepositions: Where is the dog?
  5. Pets: What pet do you like best?
  6. Months & Ordinal Numbers: Christmas is on December 25th.
  7. Transportation: How do you come to school?
  8. Vegetables: How much are the tomatoes?
  9. Time & Daily Routines:  What time do you usually have breakfast?
  10. Weather & Clothes: It's sunny. Put on your sunglasses.  
  11. Zoo Animals : A Panda eats bamboo.

Level 4- Kiz School- Elementary 2

  1. Sports: What sport are you good at?
  2. Festivals: What do we do at Christmas?
  3. Food Partitives: a slice of bread
  4. Directions: How do I get to the museum?
  5. Plants: How plants grow.
  6. School Subjects: When do you have Geography?
  7. Good manners: Do not eat in the classroom.
  8. Seasons & Activities: It's hot in summer. We can go swimming.
  9. Health:  You should take medicine.
  10. Amusement Park: I like riding on the roller-coaster.


Level 5- Kiz School- Pre-intermediate

  1. Future: Welcome to the future.
  2. Hobbies & Interests: I like surfing. It's exciting.
  3. Describing people: What does he look like?
  4. Plans for summer: Where are we going to go?
  5. Jobs: When I grow up, I will be an astronaut.
  6. Countries, Nationality: Where is he from?
  7. Animal Land: We went to Animal Land.
  8. Travel: Around the world in one lesson.
  9. Natural Disasters:  If there is an earthquake.


Level 6- Kiz School- Pre-intermediate

  1. Shopping: The  red dress is more expensive.
  2. Champions: Who is faster?
  3. Health & Body: This year I am stronger.
  4. Manners: Where are your manners?
  5. Fire: What should we do?
  6. Stories: Harry Potter Characters.
  7. Natural world: What is the longest river?
  8. Space: The eight planets.
  9. Murder mystery:  Who killed  Mr. Handsome?

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